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Related Services

Aside from monitoring and surveillance, we also have a lot more products and services that we offer our clients. Watch out for voucher codes that we display on our homepage so that you can save more on our consumer products.

Computer monitoring

You also have to protect yourself from those who are spying on you. Examples of these include those phishing websites who get your data and the viruses that scan your whole system. To shield yourself from the negative effects of identity theft and hardware malfunction, you can get various kinds of software for your needs.

Health and safety

Aside from people surveillance, we also offer products that can save lives. We have been in continuous talks with industries and companies that require gas and leak detectors for the different areas where their people work in. Our goal in this company is to protect those who are in need. With employees who are working near hazardous areas, they need a capable safety system that can tell everyone in the vicinity the time when gas or other chemicals leak.

Customized solutions

If you can envision it, we can do it. There are cases wherein you need to customize your surveillance equipment in order to better adapt to the surrounding area and the people that you want to monitor. If the products that we offer on our shop page are not suitable for your environment, you can instead get our customized solutions.

This offer is provided for special customers who want their equipment and installation tailor-made for what they require. Every situation is different. Our customized solutions are your best options in case the basic package does not fit your location. Contact us and tell us more about your condition. We even give special discounts to those who shop online on our website.