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The ultimate detective store

Searching for products that you need for your detective work can be quite a hassle if you do not know where to look. A lot of shops out there only sell a few useful items in their inventory. It is time for a store to give detectives and surveillance officers a chance to equip themselves with different quality equipment of their choice. It’s also needed first time to amsterdam where to stay. 

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Our website mainly focuses on providing professional surveillance equipment to our customers. We do value quality of work. Nothing leaves our eyes without appropriate checking and review. The products that you find here on our website are all state-of-the-art, technology-based, and top-notch devices. They have been tried and tested by our team of experts in the field of surveillance. You can depend on us in giving you high-quality items. Expect nothing less from one of the leading suppliers of monitoring products in the Netherlands. Use spartoo kortingscode 10 euro in finding online.



From the smallest cameras available to high-resolution CCTV cameras, we have them all for your convenience. Browse our list of products on hand. Use these cameras to catch suspected robbers and other types of criminals. They may be expensive in some stores but here, you can get them all at a discount using an agoda discount code australia.


Listening devices

One important device that all detectives need is a listening device. You have to have the latest technology in getting audio waves and recording them as clear as possible. Put bugs wherever you need them. Record every word uttered by people that you are monitoring. Stay alert and be motivated with your work using our listening devices.

night vision

Night vision devices

Another tool that you can use to perform your detective work better is by getting night vision devices. You should have at least one of these items on your van or on your bag- night vision goggles, night vision binoculars, night vision monoculars, rifle sights, weapon clip-on, lights, and other illuminators. Get one or all of these items from our store with discounts when you use our promo codes.

Wide choices for the professionals

A professional detective should talk the talk and walk the walk. He should both be equipped with the skills of doing detective work and have the tools to aid him in performing his job. Training can only come from experience. Your skills will only level up as you go along with your tasks as a detective. But you can only move as far as the devices that you use. To be better in your work, you should get the best equipment possible. This is where our shop comes in. We have a wide variety of choices for people in search of detective items and products in internet aanbieders nederland vergelijken.

anti virus

Safety and security

We also have devices that protect the safety and security of your customers or employees. Use any of our metal detectors, breath analyzers, and gas detectors. Ensure the health of people through the equipment that you can get from us.

Product kits

You can save more on electronics if you purchase our product kits. Check out our website to see the bundles and packages that we offer our customers. See the combination of spy equipment and other stuff at a lesser cost than when purchased separately.


Binoculars, cameras, high-resolution recorders, wireless equipment, earpiece sets, listening devices, and night vision tools- these are all available in our store. Check out the different brands that partner with us to sell their products. Get the evidence that you need quickly and efficiently with these items in our inventory. If you buy more, you can even get voucher codes and other special discounts.

Run By real detectives

If you will trust someone with your life, would you rely on people who know nothing about your craft? Or would you be asking help from someone who actually knows what he is doing?

This detective store is a shop created by detectives for detectives. A team of retired private detectives has assembled themselves to create the perfect store for officers and surveillance personnel. You should only trust the people who have had a lot of experience in the field. They understand the various situations that detectives can be in. They know the difficulty of not having good quality equipment by their side to perform their work.

This is the main reason why they created their business. They carved a portion on the market so that every detective will not have a hard time looking for devices and equipment that they can use for their work. This online shop is your one-stop store for everything that you require of a detective.

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